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Jesús Paricaguán commanded victory against warriors

Centauros pitchers combined to claim victory against the Caribbean

Centauros de la Guaira defeated Guerreros del Caribe 6 runs to 1 with a great performance from their pitchers and timely batting that allowed them to reach their eighth victory of the campaign.

Jesús Paricaguán had a performance like those at the beginning of the harvest and although he did not complete the five innings (4.2) he only allowed one streak and struck out one.

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Paricaguán was followed from the bullpen by Henry Medina (1.0), Ismael Guillón (0.2), Dannys Hernández (0.2), Luis Ramirez (1.0) and Luis Cedeño (1.0.).

Left-hander Ismael Guillón (3-1) took home the award, while Leonel Campos (2-1) took the loss.

Tomorrow the ninth directed by Marco Davalillo will be visiting the University City to face the District Caciques for the last time. The starter will be Guillermo Moscoso.

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