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A Colonel in the Centauros bullpen

After many battles. Miguel Coronal managed to debut as a professional and stands out on the coast

Who has the rank of colonel in the military forces of a nation has a great responsibility and obviously commanding voice within a group. Miguel Colonel He has been in charge of fulfilling most of the times in which his superior has needed him.

His work makes him look like a veteran, but the reality is that for the right-handed shotgunner it is his debut as a professional. At 29 years old, he is seeing how his dream is coming true.

“The first thing is always to thank God for allowing me to be here. In my past I did not make the decisions I should have and that is why I left the ball, that is why I must thank him and other people who have helped me to be here,” Coronel said.

Like many others, the Major League of Professional Baseball has given Miguel the chance to return to a diamond.

Discipline was key

The Aragua state native stated that after pitching at the college level in the United States until he was 21, he had not played. Since then he had dedicated himself to being a coach in different academies and that served him well.

"In that facet I learned about what discipline is, conduct on and off the field, see the game and life from another perspective," he said.

Coronel was taken in the draft that took place prior to the harvest and during the preseason he was in charge of showing the managers and coaching staff what he was made of. He wasn't in the rhythm of the game, but he had a secret weapon.

“I didn't have the proper preparation, because I only bullpened live at the academies I worked. Over time I realized that it could help me not only depend on my fastball, "she recalled.

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«In those sessions I made the adjustments of my broken shipments, to dominate the launches. Before I worked at full speed, now I take care of my arm, I try to give the ball spin and it is something that I have been able to take advantage of during the season”, he added.

Off the field as an active player, but always present. Miguel kept working at the Avisail García, Moscoso-Zambrano and Bucaneros academies.

And it is that, as a player, luck was not always on his side. After training and representing his state in different categories, the year of signing he injured his elbow and took two years to recover.

Committed to the game

Character and patience are two of the virtues that characterize Miguel Coronel. He uses both of them when he gets on the little nose.

“I'm a guy who likes to compete and give my best, win or lose. I will always be there with the best behavior, the greatest aggressiveness, it is part of what makes me feel good, "she assured.

«When you enter the field you are fighting for your food, in this case that of my children. That is my way of competing, my desire to get ahead, the ones that lead me to be who I am on the mound,” he added.

The "Colonel" became one of the so-called "workhorses" of the bullpen.

He has seen action in 21 games (17.2 innings and seven strikeouts) with a WHIP of 1.53. His ERA (3.57) was up in his last outing. Before that he was a little over 2.00. Accustomed to working in the middle part of duels, he has surprised locals and strangers.

“What God gives you, no one takes away from you. That gift, that talent that He gave me is what I demonstrate. I always did a good job, but I had no luck and no other opportunities had come my way. Life has taught me a lot », he reflected.

"Before I lived off my talent, I didn't work, I was a 'fresh', now I realize that I depend on my body and that's why I work almost all day, because as you prepare, you play," he commented.

Coronel has had very good communication with the different receivers and that has been reflected. He has been carried away by them, but when he has had to make a pitching decision, he has done it and the catchers have had no problems.

His family, his greatest inspiration

Coronel's debut was at Opening Day, at Ciudad Universitaria, a venue where in one way or another he always dreamed of pitching.

“I always watched the games on television. For me it was something impressive, to be able to solve that part of the game, it was a tremendous experience, ”said Coronel, who remembers the situation of his replacement exactly.

Those memories will always live forever in his memory, but also in that of his loved ones, who have accompanied him throughout the journey.

“I owe a lot to my wife and family. They have kept me on the right path. They are the people who have given me strength. That's where you realize who wants to be with you, "she said.

«My children are my greatest motivation, who give me strength every time I hear their cries of encouragement. They are my strength and because of them I cannot fail when I go in to pitch. I live day to day, I fight for them, ”he commented, obviously moved.

A second wind made the most of

The native of San Francisco de Asís has been one of the most used arms of Centauros de La Guaira, however, his work does not end there. Whether he pitches or not, he's still rooting for his teammates on every delivery, every at-bat, whether it's from the bullpen or the dugout. The little things that make the difference.

Despite being a reserved person, Miguel has had words for his harangue partners when times are difficult, just as others have had words with him when things don't go quite right.

“This happens to all of us, but the important thing is to have your teammates by your side to cheer you up or give you a pat. After working impeccably, I had a relapse and Ismael Guillón approached me to talk and those are the things that are valued and help the team”.

Work sooner rather than later bears fruit and when opportunities come, you have to know how to take advantage of them. As the pitcher himself said, "you have to go out and kill yourself for your food."

That phrase that he uses as motivation has helped him to have a good performance, which has resulted in an invitation with a team from the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League.

“Baseball has given me many surprises. I owe baseball practically everything, ”he concluded.

Isaac Silguero Matheus / Centauros Press

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