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Wilfredo Tovar sentenced the defeat of Centauros

the team marches líder of the LMBP with a total of 12 victories

Delfines de La Guaira got a valuable 8-5 victory against Centauros de La Guaira to get their 12th victory of the season in the LMBP and stay on top of the tournament.

The team led by José Offerman showed a relentless offensive capacity by scoring a total of six runs in the third episode. However, the great figure of the game was the waiter Wilfredo Tovar.

The Venezuelan connected a powerful homer to the right field to drive in three runs and thus turn the score in favor of Delfines 3-1.

In that same third inning, Jesús Guzmán hit a double through left field to boost Daniel Mayora. Immediately afterwards Anthony Concepción hit a liner that hit the pitcher and allowed Guzmán to step on the plate.

The last run of the sixth inning came thanks to a single by Webster Rivas to center field to send Rivero to the plate and make it 6-1.

Wilfredo Tovar was the protagonist again in the fourth inning with a hit through the left field for Gorkys Hernández to score the seventh run of the game.

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The Dolphins' last run came in the top of the eighth inning thanks to a line drive by Engel Beltre to right field to drive in Michael De León and put the score at 8-5.

home run record

With Wilfredo Tovar's home run, the Dolphins organization reached homers number 20 of the season; Said figure served so that the LMBP team could establish a new home run record.

“I really didn't know it was a record, good for us, but the most important thing is that I was able to hit the ball well. I have been working more on my strength and for the contratia band. Thanks to this, the results are taking place," said Tovar..

“I'm doing things better, the important thing is to take good turns so that the hits come out. As long as I do those little things, I will help the team win,” he added.

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