Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Graterol is invisible in postseason

Venezuelan pitcher Brusdar Graterol continues to amaze with his powerful pitches that exceed 100 miles per hour.

In his relay this Tuesday, Graterol surprised his opponents with his sinker. Several of them touched the speed of 102 mph.

In that sense, the Venezuelan's pitch equaled Jonathan Broxton, a former Dodger, as the third fastest pitch since 2008 when they began to be measured from statcast.

Former closer Broxton, also managed to reach 103.3 and 102.8 mph, which are the only pitches to beat the Venezuelan.

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But the reliever's most surprising pitch came off Evan Longoria, when he opened with a sinker, a 19.2-inch horizontal break and an 18-inch vertical break, according to Statcast, to petrify Evan Longoria.

Graterol finished his presentation of an inning without allowing a run, only receiving one hit.

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