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Cabrera in debt with her great contract

Miguel Cabrera will head into 2020 for the fifth year of his eight-year deal with the Detroit Tigers, signed in 2014, but entered into force in 2016.

Some voices - designated as doomsayers at the time - were raised to question that onerous contract that ensured for the slugger born in Maracay and then 31 years old, the fabulous sum of $248 million.

Still, despite the passing of the years, the figure still remains in the range of what we could call astronomical.

Several tangible and incidental aspects more than justified the signing of the juicy agreement at that time. the miggy He was coming off his second consecutive winning campaign Most valuable Player and had already eight seasons in a row as a habitué of the Star Games.

Faced with such forceful volume, the ominous voices were reduced to faint mouse screeches.

In 2016, Cabrera continued with a good offensive rhythm... Although not at the height of his years of maximum glory. As can be well sustained by the line thrown that year and that was 316 /.393 /.563 /.956.

In 2017 the performance of the spectacular player would begin to decline. At the same time, the first injuries and the native's first trips to the disabled list would be presented. Something that had never happened in his career. Miguel seemed immune to injury. But... the almanac does not forgive, when he is also combined with a fast-paced game.

In his last 1.200 plate appearances, the good player hasn't been the same. He's a long way from being a $248 million player.

And under that tone it is possible that it will extend until 2023, which would mean that those who questioned the gigantic contract were right.

However, Miguel's journey to Cooperstown You won't suffer a dent from it. Quite the contrary. What was achieved by the great player, before signing the appetizing agreement, guarantees him to have a plaque among the greatest in the history of the Big leagues.

Even more so when little by little, it fattens those great numbers that inspired an agreement that until now has not seen a season arrive that at least partially justifies it.

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