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Franklin Morales will debut in the LMBP

The experienced pitcher will be uniformed with Guerreros del Caribe

Prior to the beginning of the penultimate week of the regular round of the Major League of Professional Baseball, the corresponding draft was held and Guerreros shook the market, welcoming a new and interesting piece: Franklin Morales.

Those from the Caribbean announced the arrival of the experienced pitcher, two-time champion in the Major Leagues. And to make way for him, they released José Duarte.

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Franklin Morales has 10 seasons in MLB under his belt, between Colorado Rockies, Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays.

In that period he added 305 commitments, 47 were from seasons as a starter. He posted a 23-30 record with a 4.56 ERA.

On the other hand, in six seasons in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP), Franklin Morales is 10-7 with a 3.43 ERA in 173 innings.

other selections

Only four teams used their right to election. After the selection of Frankin Morales, the rest of the choices were made as follows:

District Chiefs

  • José Ascanio (free quota)
  • Mauricio Robles and Alex Herrera released

Carabobo sailors

  • Joandy Rea (free quota)

Líderit's from miranda

  • Edgar Bruzual (free quota)

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