Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Fans will enter the LMBP games for free

The president of the Major League of Professional Baseball of Venezuela (LMBP), César Collins, expressed in an exclusive interview for The Emergent that the entrance to the stadiums will be free for the enjoyment of the summer league.

"Yes, we will have free admission to all the parks," Collins confirmed.

The also CEO of the Senators of Caracas, champions of the first edition of the LMBP revealed that, for now, two television channels in the country are confirmed to broadcast the games.

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«Meridian Television y Your TV, in addition to a YouTube channel, they will broadcast the league, ”said the LMBP boss.

He added that Intercable He also showed interest in taking the LMBP to his signal, but stressed that they have not yet closed the negotiation.

Regarding the hours of the meetings, Collins announced that in Caracas and Maracay the voice of "Play ball" will be given at 5:30 in the afternoon, while in La Guaira and Valencia the games will start 30 minutes later (6 :00 p.m.).

The LMBP preseason will begin on May 1, Labor Day, and the start of the second edition of the summer league It will be the 11th of said month.

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