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Edgardo Fermín and Iván Medina win first awards

The outfielder was left with the producer of the year and the reliever with the closer of the harvest

This afternoon we met the first winners among the best of the second season of the Major League Professional Baseball. In the first instance, Iván Medina was awarded closer of the year and Edgardo Fermín as producer of the year, representatives of Marineros de Carabobo and Líderis from Miranda respectively.

These distinctions are not delivered selectively, unlike the others that will be known starting tomorrow. Here formulas are used that apply to each performance of the players participating in the League.

For Producer of the Year, two points are added for each run batted in and scored, one point for each base reached, and one more point for each walk.

Edgardo Fermín had a great offensive season, especially the first half, which was enough for him to win the award by totaling 249 points. The Marineros de Carabobo outfielder outscored Gersel Pitre (30), Keury De La Cruz (215), Alberto Callaspo (205) and Junior Sosa (204) by more than 203 points.

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"I'm happy for the work that was done, competing with hitters of caliber like Adonis García or Yosmany Guerra, teammates Ronny Cedeño or Frank Díaz... It feels good to have won this award."

The 24-year-old infielder finished the season with 39 runs scored, 30 RBIs, 87 bases reached as a result of 13 doubles, two triples and five home runs, a .364 average and a 1.038 OPS.

“This merit also goes to Eddy Díaz and Robert Pérez who gave me advice to keep me producing, focused on home plate. Thanks to God, the fruits were borne”, exclaimed the native of Puerto Ordaz.

gold closer

The closer of the year stayed in Carabobo after José Torres obtained it in 2021, 2022 had a particularity with the arrival of the imported ones to this second edition, after the coaching staff gave the responsibility to the Dominican Ulises Joaquín to close the commitments where he reached 9 saves.

Medina received the opportunity to close when Joaquín was injured, due to this, to become a bastion in the victories achieved by Marineros to be first in the standings by getting 11 saves in the same number of attempts.

For those reasons, Marineros de Carabobo right-hander Iván Medina took the honors for his work from the bullpen when he assumed the responsibility of closing. The oriental, achieved 33 points in total.

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“Achieving this award for the first time in my career is one of the greatest achievements for me, winning the year-closer award in the League. Thanks to my countryman Luis Martínez who has motivated me to be 100%”.

Luis Martínez, who turned out to be the "ace" of the rotation, represented an important player to have achieved a great season, "It was not easy to compete with so many professionals in the League, but I did not give up either and I showed everything that I had been working on throughout this season physically. and training with my partner Luis Martínez. Thank God, everything was given to me always working hard, I had to take responsibility for one of my friends, Ulises Joaquín, and there I had to put all my responsibility, "said the right.

Torres, 27 years old, beat Miguel Socolovich, Delfines de La Guaira's closer (25 points), Ulises Joaquín (25), Johan Belisario (20), Alexis Tapia (19) and Vicente Campos (18).

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