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Dolphins continue to dominate the LMBP

Those from the coast shared honors in the double round against Líderit's from miranda

The ninth littoralense managed to divide in the double day against Líderit is from Miranda, losing the first engagement 10 races to 1 and overcoming the following 4×2. Match held at the José Pérez Colmenares in Maracay.

With these results, the troop commanded by Jackson Melián remains at the top of the table in the Major League of Professional Baseball, with a record of 22 wins and 13 losses.

The first match was dominated by the locals from the beginning, taking advantage of the hits against starter Cristian Quintín and the errors made by the defense.

The Mirandinos shared three runs in innings one, three and four.

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The match opened definitively for the locals at the end of the fifth episode with a rally of five goals, while in the sixth they made their last two units (1-10).

 The victory of this match went to Alfred Gutiérrez (4-1), as a reliever, the defeat went to the account of Cristian Quintín (0-3).

Second encounter

For the second match of the batch those from the coast would stay with the victory 4 races by 2.

Thanks to the good work of Néstor Molina and the timely hits by Wilfredo Tovar and Juan Carlos Torres.

Molina worked six innings where he had two streaks, with five hits, three strikeouts and only one walk, taking the victory (3-1).

For his part, Miguel Socolovich launched the seventh to achieve a new rescue, the seventh of the season. While the defeat went to the account of Wirkin Estévez (1-3).

Delfines achieved their third particular series by dominating the Mirandinos four games to one (4-1), with a pending duel that will take place this Thursday in Macuto with Gregory Infante on the mound.

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