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Cardinals to take out the champion caste

The current champion of the Creole ball will begin a new path towards the title at home and against some Navegantes del Magallanes who straightened the rudder in the last stretch of the season to get into the classification as fifth in the table.

The crepusculars start as favorites in the series, not only because of their good hitting, but they will also have pitcher of the year candidate Henry Centeno in their rotation, without forgetting Raúl Rivero and Néstor Molina.

However, the electrics had an excellent performance in the last month, all thanks to the work of Félix Doubront and Yohan Pino. And if they stay like this they will be a tough rival to beat.

As for the numbers of the regular contest, the red birds show their favoritism, thanks to their collective batting average of .291, but the Turks surpass them in RBI with 197, while the defending champions manage to step on the plate in 186 opportunities.

In other lines that Larenses dominate, it is in pitching, with an ERA of 3.78, being the team that received the fewest earned runs with 152 in 362.0 innings.

The Cardinals have been a rock in the Turks' shoe in recent years, for the simple fact that they have been eliminated in the last two postseasons. Of course, both in the semifinals, while this will be the first meeting of both in the first round.

Today's clash will have Raúl Rivero on the mound, while Magallanes will have Yohan Pino.
Finally, the rotation of the series rotation will be completed by Róbert Zárate (LZ), Félix Doubront (LZ) and Wilfredo Boscán (LD). For the champions will go Nestor Molina (LD), Henry Centeno (LD) and Angelo Palumbo (LD).

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