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Cabrera and Hill completed an epic run to first base

The maracayero ran 25.3 feet per second from home to first base

Miguel Cabrera and Rich Hill, two of the five active forties in this campaign, They staged a great run to first base on Wednesday. Everything to resolve a play; which undoubtedly demonstrates the dedication that these two players have exuded during all their years of career.

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However, with two outs in the second inning during the game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park, Venezuelan Cabrera hit a hard ground ball between first and second that fortunately for the 'buccaneer' team found Dominican Carlos Santana in position to dive to keep the ball.

Immediately afterwards, Rich Hill; who is 43 years old and is the longest-serving player this season, was sent off the mound developing a speed of 21.7 feet per second to try to win the race against 'Miggy' and be in time to catch Santana's shot at the initial. Which ended up happening.

However, the “boy from the Movie” won the sprint contest, clocking 25.3 feet per second from home plate to first. So why did Hill get the out? Very easy, the Venezuelan traveled a greater distance towards the bag in comparison to Hill, with everything and that he lost a few seconds before realizing that Santana had taken the ball.

In this way, it is necessary to highlight the effort made by these men of a thousand battles, who are at the end of their careers.

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