Monday, August 15, 2022
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Boston gave the surprise

The American League Division Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays turned out as few expected, giving the Red Sox the winners, who hit the table by eliminating the only team in the young circuit to win 100 games. this 2021.

Despite losing the first match by shutout on Thursday, those led by Alex Cora turned the ballot with wins on Friday, Sunday and Monday, of which their last two celebrations were at home and leaving their rivals on the field.

Even when the season started, most expected that it would be the New York Yankees and the Manta Rays who would compete for the “title” of the best in the East division. And although they didn't take the pennant, they left the Yankees behind for the Wild Card, and later the Rays.

For the manager of the Red Sox, the success they have had in the postseason has been due to the good handling of baseball, in addition to the strategies he used in pressing moments.

“We used old school baseball, with the fundamentals. We won the Division Series playing well, as baseball should," the Red Sox strategist told Fox Sports.

Now, the only survivors of the Eastern division await the winner of the contest between the Houston Astros and the Chicago White Sox, who yesterday played the fourth game of their series.

Boston will now most likely have its ace on the mound for Game XNUMX of the AL Championship Series; Chris Sale.

In addition, they will have in their favor that the pitching staff will be more rested, being a point in their favor, after leaving an ERA of 4.13 ERA in the 48 innings, in which they allowed 22 touchdowns.

However, they were better than the Rays in several aspects, and they are ready to continue transcending the hand of their manager Cora.

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