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Amarista gives support to manager Wilfredo Romero

The experienced player has been a vital piece in this resurgence of Tigres

Alexi Amarista is one of the players who stands out in the lineup of the Aragua Tigers in the 2022-2023 season, bringing out his good timing with the offense and his lucidity on the field.

The small infielder of the aragüeños talked with Líder about the great week that his team had (sixth week) "we need that, to have another positive week to continue climbing positions" he said at the beginning.

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“The spirit in the clubhouse has always been good since the first day of the season, despite those defeats we haven't dropped and even more so since things are starting to turn out well for us. We already have two positive weeks” commented Amarista about the atmosphere in the Bengali clubhouse.

The Tigers began to live positive streaks after the arrival of Wilfredo Romero, who comes from being champion last year with the Navegantes del Magallanes, about the work of 'Willie', the infielder pointed out "Since he took command, how to manage things They have changed a lot, we have had better games, he is a very correct person with incredible faith”.


  1. Wilfredo was a great baseball player from his debut and later with the tigers he was an excellent player too when he came back from playing in Mexico!! His great charisma is a plus !! That many teams would like to have and the incorporation of Wilson taking the pitchers and Ortega's have also been very, very important and Ober Moreno again as pitching coach!! In addition to the great offense we've had with many players taking turns of real quality at the most important time, it's a pity that Gersel Pitre doesn't have the opportunity he deserves since he's a great hitter!! Well we are on our way to qualifying for that fourth since it is very, very close, congratulations to the team and to us the fans!! UP MY TIGERS!!!!

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