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AJ Hinch talks about the future of Miguel Cabrera

The strategist has asked him to play less to be more effective with the wood

Miguel Cabrera has established himself as the most important figure in the Detroit Tigers today, so the team is working so that he can have the best possible season before his retirement. 

Despite his intent, the Venezuelan slugger has posted career lows so far this year, posting a .177 batting average and driving in just four runs so far this season. 

Tigers manager AJ Hinch offered a statement to the Clutch Points website in which he denied reports by USA Today Sports about his alleged plan to release him. 

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Likewise, the strategist admitted that he understands how difficult this season has been for Cabrera. However, he assured that he will continue to give him more turns to extend his legacy.. 

"I'm sorry for him. At the same time that he is getting older and is not the same hitter as he was in his prime, I ask him to play less and create more time problems for him by playing once a series,” he said. 

This will be Miguel Cabrera's last season in the Major Leagues; during the season he has only served as a designated hitter to avoid his injuries. 


  1. There is a lot of time left to finish the season to get into what they call fisnet and lose a few kilos and it will end at full speed and be careful with one more world series WHY NOT?

  2. That manager has no life, he has to put him to play so that he gets up or 34 million of the greens that he is receiving this season from the bench and nobody is hitting in Detroit

  3. Unlike Nelson Cruz, Albert Pujols or another forty-year-old, Cabrera, 38, has had a hard time getting back to being the same as before, perhaps the injury to his hip and knee has harmed him or perhaps, as Hinch says, he is aging, but it is hard to see to someone who is not producing and it will be difficult for him to raise his production even if he receives the title, it is a shame for everything he achieved, now it remains to be seen and applaud and flirt that he stays at .300 for life, because his average is at .308 after three years ago he was .321 and leading active players

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