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Cabrera's absence will last a little longer

The Venezuelan just started "swinging balls placed on a tee"

the fourth of september Miguel Cabrera he was placed by the Detroit Tigers on the 10-day disabled list. He was expected to be back by the end of this week, but his absence will last a bit longer.

According to a report from the Majors, Miggy is not fully recovered and the Bengali management prefers to delay his return.

Cabrera was sidelined with a strained left bicep. But since the beginning of August he has been dealing with discomfort in his right knee, in which he has suffered a chronic injury for several years.

Its evolution has been slow. The Tigers remain optimistic and trust that the Venezuelan will be able to return this season, but they do not advance a tentative date.

This Monday, according to MLB, Cabrera began "swinging balls placed on a tee«. If all goes well, in the coming weeks the maracayero could take batting practice on the field.

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This 2022, Cabrera had a brilliant start to the season. He started out breaking into the 3000 hit bracket and broke several records in every possible offensive department.

In fact, before the All-Star Game, which he attended as a special guest, Miggy batted for .287 with 82 hits and 34 RBIs.

After the mid-season Clásico his production was affected by physical ailments and there was even speculation that he could bring forward his retirement.

From then on the Tigers were very careful with the Venezuelan and considerably reduced his playing time until they placed him on the disabled list in early September.

Overall this year Cabrera is hitting .256 with four home runs and a .622 OPS.


  1. God willing, he will recover before the 3rd week of this month of September and will reach 100 hist this season.

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