Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Yankees and Mets will pay their employees full time

The New York teams joined others in the task of paying their workers, despite the situation with Covid-19

MLB commissioner Rob Mafred has given the green light to all teams to make their own decisions regarding laying off or cutting the pay of major league and minor league coaches and scouts starting May 1. However, the Mules from the Bronx and those from Queens agreed to pay the payments for the entire month.

The Associated Press released a list of the teams that will meet this, including: Yankees, Mets Diamondbacks, Braves, Red Sox, White Sox, Reds, Twins, Phillies, Padres, Giants and Blue Jays, while the Detroit Tigers they don't expect to fire their workers.

For his part, Manfred suspended uniform employee contracts with the season on hold due to the appearance of Covid-19, which has suspended the season at least until May. In other words, the 30 teams will not generate income, although it will let the clubs make their decisions.

The teams will continue to search for solutions so that their employees do not suffer financially from the absence of baseball in the United States.

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