friday, august 19, 2022
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Minnesota sold 100.000 tickets after signing Carlos Correa

The Minnesota Twins sold 100.000 tickets after making the signing of Puerto Rican Carlos Correa official, according to MLB Puerto Rico.

"Corremanía en Minnesota!" This is how the information was disclosed by the account dedicated to following the performance of Puerto Ricans in the Major Leagues.

Minnesota and the Puerto Rican reached an agreement for the next three years and 105.3 million dollars.

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In his official presentation, the 27-year-old shortstop said he wants to lead a "dynasty" in Minnesota.

In addition to changing organizations, after 7 years in Houston, Correa, now the highest-paid infielder in baseball, will wear another number: number 4.

The native of Ponce, Puerto Rico, has already begun to show his talent with Minnesota, after hitting his first home run dressed as a Mellizo in spring training.

According to the projections of Baseball Reference, Correa will hit 23 balls out of the park, drive in 81 teammates and post a .269 batting average in 2022.

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