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Verlander looks very ruthless against rivals

The 39-year-old right-hander reached 15 wins on Thursday and left his ERA at 1.73

What he is doing Justin Verlanderleaves no room for more than a loud round of applause. The Virginia native is putting age aside to pitch much better than the higher-level youth version of him and be on his way to another Cy Young Award.

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In the same order of days, the Justin Verlander of 2011; that in addition to winning the pitching triple crown he took home the Cy Young and the American League MVP award, would proudly see his 2022 version. Unfortunately we don't have a time machine to check it, but we do have the internet to compare both seasons.

2011 (MVP + CYA) 2022 (20 starts)
2.40in Limassol1.73
9.0K / 98.8
. 192AVG AGAINST. 188
Source: Baseball-Reference

However, a better analysis could be done if you compare that 2011 and his best seasons in the same number of starts. Clearly, his accumulated numbers are currently being better than in all his contests in his first 20 starts, but everyone can keep his favorite harvest.

20221.7315. 8330.85. 188
20182.059. 6920.83. 181
20112.1512. 7500.87. 188
20122.4211. 6880.92. 193
Source: Baseball-Reference

Now, we must always take into account Verlander's age and the conditions under which he presented himself for this 2022 harvest, which undoubtedly do nothing more than resize what the 39-year-old veteran did and give greater merit to such a superlative level. what is showing.

Defying time like a great

In fact, he is the first starter in history aged 39 or older to record at least 15 wins and an ERA of less than 2.00 in his first 20 starts of a season, since the ERA became an official statistic in both leagues (1913).

Additionally, he is just one of three pitchers in the history of the American and National Leagues who leaves his ERA below 2.00 in that same number of starts and with 39 years or more in that same period mentioned (since 1913).

YearFirst NameAgein Limassol
2005Roger Clemens (HOU)42 years and 352 days1.40
2022Justin Verlander (HOU)39 years and 165 days1.73
1948Dutch Leonard (PHI)39 years and 124 days1.95
Source: Baseball-Reference

We are definitely looking at the best today from an elderly shotgunner. It's proof that if you want, have the tools and the will, you can make age just a number, and that's what Justin Verlander is doing this year.

So let's enjoy it, because except for Scherzer, we may not see something like this for a long time. But how privileged we are to be able to observe it.

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