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Justin Verlander also wants his "millionaire"

The brand new Cy Young seeks a contract similar to that of Max Scherzer with the Mets

At the culmination of the World Series where the Astros defeated the Phillies in six games, Justin Verlander He decided not to exercise his $25 million option for 2023, thus joining the free agent pitching market, which is being strengthened by his presence.

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Quite simply, Verlander looked at other shotgunners of similar or lesser quality than him, and who are earning more money, all in search of a contract that allows him; Based on his career and of course what he did in 2022, he will earn his good "millions" for his last years in MLB.

In fact, Brian McTaggart recently reported that the right-hander about to turn 40 is looking to sign a three-season, $130 million Max Scherzer pact on December 1 with the New York Mets, at the age of 38.

Now, "JV" is the tenth pitcher to declare himself a free agent the year he wins the Cy Young Award, joining among others Roger Clemens (2004), John Smoltz (1996), Greg Maddux (1992) and most recently Robbie Ray and Trevor Bauer in 2021 and 2020 respectively.

Notably, Justin Verlander's extensive resume and the number of awards in recognition of his exploits both then and now certainly attests to his penchant for a three-figure, multi-season deal.

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