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Yadier Molina: “I am excited to go to Venezuela”

The manager of Navegantes del Magallanes stated that he will listen to all the advice he receives

The Puerto Rican baseball player of the St. Louis Cardinals, Yadier Molina, expressed the emotion he feels for leading Magellan Boaters for the 2022-23 season of the LVBP.

The Puerto Rican is already in what could be his last season in the Major Leagues, so he wants to debut as manager with Magallanes to start a new stage in his career.

"Venezuelan baseball is something that has always caught my attention," Molina said in an interview for US media.

“It is a circuit that has a lot of competition and the fans support it a lot. I am excited to be able to go to Venezuela to take my knowledge and support the youth,” he added.

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Throughout his career, the Puerto Rican has added 10 All-Star Games, two World Series rings and 9 Gold Gloves, qualities that he wants to implant in the Turkish ship.

Molina will have to continue with the legacy of Wilfredo Romero, who won the 13th title of the LVBP with the filibusters last season.

“I'm going to be honest, I don't know the league. But I am going to have many coaches who will be by my side who do have that knowledge and it will be a group effort. Decisions will be made by listening to advice,” he added.

“I like the idea of ​​being under the pressure of managing Magallanes, to see how I react. I've heard good things about the ship's hobby. I am going to try to be champion again”, Yadier Molina concluded.


  1. I'm from Magallanes to death, but that experiment with Yadier Molina as a manager doesn't seem the most ideal, he's just about to finish his stage as an active player and he doesn't have any kind of experience, much less to manage in a foreign league and team outside his country. excuse the redundancy, where you know absolutely nothing!

  2. Wuily Horton had no experience, he was an infielder and he achieved the impossible with the team and we were champions let's have faith and pa Lante

  3. I support the friend's comment about the experience that Molina does not have, but with the support of his coaches, listening to advice and teamwork and decisions, everything is possible, good luck Molina

  4. It is true that he does not have experience as a manager but he has in his favor being a cetcher and it is very positive since having a game behind Home gives him that advantage of being able to know how to direct

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