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Week of heart attack in the local ball

Lions and Sharks look like finalists, but Tigers are not far behind

We are entering the last week of the LVBP Round Robin and three of the five teams that qualified for this postseason remain in a heated fight for the two places in the grand final, which they expect to begin next Monday, January 23.

Leones del Caracas, Tiburones de La Guaira and some inspired Tigres de Aragua look like finalists, as Navegantes del Magallanes has stumbled a few times; while Cardenales de Lara, with the departure of Gorkys Hernández to resolve personal issues, deflated in this second week of competition in the semifinal.

Lions and Sharks have the psychic boost of starring in a new LVBP final, something that hasn't happened since 1986-1987, when the long-haired won the crown in six games.

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La Guaira's remarkable offense is what has kept them in contention for a spot in the last instance of the league; Likewise, three of the five remaining duels in this Round Robin will be at home, where they play 4-1; among them the last clash of this postseason, to take place on Saturday the 21st at 5:00 pm, which could be favorable for those led by Henry Blanco.

In the same way, the long-haired will divide the week with two games on the road (vs Cardenales and against Tigres); while the other two matches will be at home against Tiburones and Magallanes, respectively.

So they should take advantage of this situation and finish closing with a flourish.

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