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Leones need to step on the gas

Tonight they will have a key game against Tiburones in their fight for the grand final

Leones del Caracas will risk their lives in this last week of Round Robin of the LVBP 2022-2023 season.

Sunday's 7-1 defeat against the Tigers was not so decisive in the fate of the long-haired on their way to the grand final; However, it was a bell to alert that the Araguans are still in the fight and, without counting last night, they remain one game from the top of the table.

With a 7-5 record, those led by José Sheriff today begin a vital crusade for their aspirations, since of the four games remaining to complete the 16 regulations at this stage, two of them will be against direct rivals.

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Tonight at 7:00, the capital, will be measured in the park of the UCV to Tiburones de La Guaira, as a local; so they will have to face that school offense that has produced 27 runs in the three games they have played, without forgetting the 44 hits that have connected the pitching staff.

The challenge for Sheriff and company will not be easy, as they will then travel to Barquisimeto (tomorrow) and Maracay (Thursday), as a visitor in which Leones have a 3-3 record in this all-against-all semifinal.

Hitting is no problem

For those from the capital, hitting has not been a problem in this Round Robin. Quite the contrary, after Sunday's game against Tigres de Aragua, the cats show the best collective average among the five teams with .313 points, in addition to the 121 hits they have connected that keep them as líderIt is in that section.

The same with home runs (9) and RBIs (57), who together with the Sharks are the deadliest team in the batting drawer. Now, the pitching needs to respond, as there will be four important games that will define the face of Leones.

defense counts

It is a curiosity that Leones del Caracas, despite having the lowest run differential in the Round Robin (-19) is one of the teams fighting for a place in the final of the LVBP. Now, this third and last week of the semifinal is not a time for coincidences.

The long-haired have also been one of the teams with irregular defense at this stage of the campaign; and the 15 mistakes they have made confirm that theory.

That is why the capital's must show better hands in this final stretch, because even if they face Cardenales and close the week against Navegantes del Magallanes, they are two teams that can take advantage of that situation and thus compromise the long-haired in this last attempt.

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