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Collins still wants Ronald Acuña in La Guaira

The director of the escualos will travel to the US in August to express the desire to see him with the club

As part of a renewal turn in each of the bases that Tiburones de La Guaira has in mind for this next LVBP campaign, the general manager of the coastal team, César Collins, wants to put together a competitive squad to play at the same level of his other rivals the Venezuelan winter ball championship and for that, having Ronald Acuña Jr. is the main priority even though it is known that the star of the Atlanta Braves wants a change of scenery and wear the colors of the Cardinals of Lara.

However, the young manager assured in an interview granted to the podcast of the Unión Radio Circuit, El Infield, that if the necessary conditions are not given for said operation with the twilight picture to be carried out, the right fielder will not leave the ranks of guaireños.

“It is not easy to leave a player like him and I have let him know. I hope we can clear it all up in Atlanta when I visit you in August. In any case, we remain open and when Lara is willing to negotiate the players we need to be able to carry out said operation, the movement will be made, ”said Collins.

Likewise, the person in charge of everything related to the sports planning of the Sharks, who took office in January and who is also a director of the Senators of Caracas in the LMBP, specified that he has exchanged words with Acuña's agent where it also made him understand the currency's position on the case and the immediate future within it.

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“He has been recovering from a delicate injury and it can be somewhat complicated, but we do not rule out that there is an opportunity. There is the factor of playing the Caribbean Series at home and the World Classic is just around the corner, so he and other players have expressed their desire to play in Venezuela. If he dares to dress up as an LG player, he will be well received by the entire squad”, he pointed out.

Regarding Yonathan Daza, Collins said that he talks frequently with the Colorado Rockies player and hopes that he can intervene in the season that begins on October 22.

Additionally, he informed in this interview that the quota of five imported players will be based on pitchers who do not have restrictions from their clubs of origin and can play the entire tournament.

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