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Cabrera dressed as a hero in Los Angeles 

"Miggy" was one hit away from Adrian Beltré's brand and one trailer from Cap Anson

They are his last memories as an active baseball player and he is working hard to make them extraordinary. Like this Saturday, with a line drive to the deepest right field, Miguel Cabrera became the hero of the Tigers' 6-5 victory over the Angels in extra inning. 

The Tigers ended the game up 4-1, but the pitching fell apart. With home runs from Jared Walsh and Brett Phillips, the Angels tied it and forced the extra inning. 

Of course, the resolution came quickly. Kerry Carpenter started at second and the first at-bat went to Miguel Cabrera. At a 1-1 count, “Miggy” extended his arms enough to put the ball in the outfield and break the tie. 

Will Vest was in charge of closing the match and was credited with the rescue by resolving with two strikeouts and a fly ball. Alex Lange (7-4) ended up taking the victory and José Soriano (1-3) took the loss. 

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Cabrera finished 5 for 2 with a couple of RBIs to raise his hit count to 3.165 and be just one behind Adrian Beltré, until now the second Latino with the most hits in the Major Leagues. He also reached 1878 RBIs and was - according to MLB - one behind Cap Anson, who occupies 12th place in that ranking.

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