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Cabrera closer to Rod Carew and Rickey Henderson

The Venezuelan accumulates 3.041 hits in the Majors

Without rushing and a lot of pressure, Miguel Cabrera has been in charge of closing the distance between his marks and that of the legends in Major League Baseball.

On Monday night, one day after celebrating 'Miggy Day' at Comerica Park in the city of Detroit, the 39-year-old slugger had a couple of hits to reach 3.041 singles in his career; figure that brought them a little closer to the immortals, Rod Carew and Rickey Henderson.

Since last April 23, the day that Miguelito joined the club of three thousand hits in the MLB, that countdown has begun to dethrone the members of this select list.

Well, to date, Miggy has surpassed Al Kaline (3.007); Wade Boggs (3.010); Rafael Palmeiro (3.020) and Lou Brock (3.023) on this gold list of the best hitters in the history of the game since 1876 when the National League was created.

Now only 12 hits separate him from another Latino who belongs to this club of 3.000, such as Rod Carew, who during his time as an active player had 3.053 hits. At the same time he is 14 shy of one of the best lead off hitters of all time in Rickey Henderson with 3.055 hits.

Seven bases out of 5.200

Miguel Cabrera's greatness in the MLB unfolds in many aspects and one of them is the Bases Hit department in the history of the game.

Little by little, Miggy has been climbing positions in this select list; however, he is still seven bases away from being the 17th player with at least 5.200 BASES.

His next rival in this category is the HOF, Dave Winfield with 5.221 BA.


  1. Mr. Bocone, a correction, if you accept it. There are not 3041 singles that Miggy has connected…. He has connected singles, doubles, triples and, home runs…

  2. Don't trivialize it, it's true singles and extra-base hits, although injuries have brought these down om

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