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Correa's value increases with his postseason performances

With his performance on Tuesday against the White Sox, Carlos Correa reached 54 career RBIs in the postseason, matching Albert Pujols' record as the most chartered assets at this stage, placing him just seven behind David Ortiz and Derek Jeter (61) and nine behind David Justice (63) on the list historical, commanded by his compatriot Bernie Williams (80).

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For his part, he added his third day in October with two or more hits and RBIs, which joins him with Yadier Molina and Bernie Williams as the Puerto Ricans with at least three games with a production of that magnitude in potential qualifying games.

As for economics, Correa will be a free agent at the end of the season, since he only had a deal with Houston for one harvest and $11.7 million, in fact, the last four contracts he has signed with the organization have been to stay linked for one season and amounts of one million, 5M, 8M; this being the first year of him earning more than 10 million.

What does the market hold for you?

According to Spotrac, he would be worthy of a 266.2-year, $10 million contract with an average salary of $26.6M, which is more than the $120M for seven years the Astros offered him prior to this season; And if Spotrac's forecast comes true, he would be the 19th-best contract in MLB and the second-most lucrative among Major League shortstops, behind only Francisco Lindor.

For its part, the same site reports that Correa's WAR in two contests (2020-2021; 7.59) has been better than Lindor's (2019-2020; 5.56), as well as his RBIs per game (0.54) and home runs per game (0.14); even the numbers of both in the last two seasons (2020 and 2021) reflect that Correa has been better, since he has an OPS + of 121 to 102 of Lindor and in 861 appearances he collected 117 RBIs to 80 of the millionaire shortstop.

Only an outstanding performance by Correa in this postseason could make Houston break with its "no big contracts" philosophy and shell out the amount that a player of Correa's caliber requires, something similar to the extension that José Altuve received after his historic performance. en route to the World Series in 2017, and so far has been the only one for more than 6 seasons in the organization.

Correa's value lies not only in his ability with the wood, since since 2017 he is third among shortstops in runs saved (58), second in fielding percentage (.984) and in 497 games he has 29 errors (the best in MLB).

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