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3.000 hits! 'Miggy' bathes in glory once again

The connection was against the Venezuelan Antonio Senzatela in the first shift this Saturday

The wait is over, what the entire baseball world was waiting for has arrived. Miguel Cabrera reached this Saturday the mythical figure of 3.000 hits in the Major Leagues.

Comerica Park, home of the Maracay player since 2008, was the favorite setting for this feat. After three days of waiting, since it was 2.999 uncatchable.

The connection came in the low of the first episode before the launches of the Venezuelan Antonio Senzatela, of the Colorado Rockies.

Miguel Cabrera is among the greatest in the MLB

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The hit was a line drive across right field and the Motor City Stadium was about to fall from the hubbub.

He swung at the first pitch and a new bath of glory arrived for the one from Maracay.

This is just one more step for the guy in the movie on his way to being inducted into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

Likewise, Cabrera continued looking for a new uncatchable and did not arrive until his fourth shift of the day, which was in the sixth inning, since he failed on his two previous visits.

In that chapter, Miggy had his second hit of the game and the 3.001st of his career.

The connection was throughout the center field and also drove in a couple of lines to contribute to Detroit's impressive victory.

Miggy has 3001 in his extensive career. Courtesy: MLB

After this batting, Miggy left the match in the middle of a loud ovation. He finished the first matchup of the doubleheader 4-2 with a run scored and two RBIs.

In the end, the victory went to the Tigres with a bulky slate of 13-0 against the rocky ones, the defeat was taken by the Valencian Senzatela.

straight to history

To understand a little more what Cabrera achieved this Saturday, we must point out that since the Major Leagues began, 22.613 players have passed through them and only 33 (with the arrival of Miggy) have connected three thousand hits. That is, of the total number of sluggers who have seen action in the 'Big Show', only 0.14% have achieved it.

Meanwhile, he is the seventh to reach the legendary number and with at least 500 home runs, big names rest in this select club.

But to put the icing on the cake, the Venezuelan is the only one to add 500 hits, 3.000 hits and a triple batting crown, all these merits indicate that he goes straight to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, which would be a new bath of glory .

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