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Gleyber could be a more complete hitter

Vicente vasquez anato | CARACAS.- Although it is true that the season of the New York Yankees has been, until now, a great success, it is partly thanks to pieces that knew how to stand up for the team when many of their stars were injured, as is the case from Gleyber Torres, who hasn't stopped hitting this year, showing an improvement over 2018 in his rookie campaign.

The offensive numbers that he has as an infielder for the Bronx Bombers are a star, arriving yesterday batting .287 with 24 doubles, 36 homers and 85 RBIs, all of which were milestones in his short stay in the majors.

However, despite his great growth at the plate compared to last season, the man from the capital could still become a better hitter, taking into account that there are aspects that he could perfect, reaching the point of becoming a greater threat with the wood. .

In 2019, Torres has been much more patient at the plate, reducing his strikeout percentage from 25.2 to 20.6%. In addition, he has become an incredible hitter against fastballs, hitting .329 against fastballs, hitting them 55.3% of the time he stops at home plate.

The only low point that the waiter must work on is his vision when broken pitches are thrown at him, taking into account that when he connects such shipments he registers an average of .265 with a .443 slugging percentage, to the point of having only fired eight of his 36 homers against pitches breaking, which represents 22% of his home runs.

If Gleyber works on that aspect during the offseason, he will enter his third season in the big leagues as one of the hitters to watch, as he could post even more interesting numbers.

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