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Warriors to liquidate Celtics this Thursday

Golden State goes for the shot against Boston in Game XNUMX of the NBA Finals

Caressing his fourth ring since 2015, Stephen Curry's Warriors can finish the NBA final in the sixth game, to be played this Thursday on the court of the resistant Celtics, who have already come out of limit situations in these playoffs.

The game will begin at 9:00 pm (Venezuelan time) at the TD Garden in Boston (Massachusetts) and will be the first of two opportunities to win the ring for the Warriors, who dominate the tie 3-2.

On Monday, Golden State was able to break down the fearsome Celtics defense despite Curry, his líder scorer, was unusually unwise, missing a 2018-pointer for the first time since XNUMX.

Canadian forward Andrew Wiggins took on the responsibility with 26 points and 13 rebounds and confirmed himself as the perfect complement to the Warriors' old guard made up of Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, who play together their sixth absolute final.

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The Celtics conceded a second straight loss, for the first time this postseason, and now find themselves on the ropes after only a memorable display by Curry (43 points) kept them from taking a near-final 3-1 lead on Friday.

The Celtics are holding on to the spirit of resilience they've shown throughout this season. Boston came out of a deep slump earlier in the year to catapult from its XNUMXth-place finish in the Eastern Conference in January to a second-place finish in the regular season.

In the playoffs, the Celtics eliminated the Nets and Giannis Antetokounmpo's Bucks, who overcame a 2-3 deficit like the one they have against Golden State, winning the last two games. In the Eastern final they liquidated the Miami Heat. Now Boston is going for another miracle.


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