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The World Cup ran out of favorites

EFE | SHANGHAI.- It only took 24 hours for the China World Cup be orphaned of your two great favorites. The United States and Serbia, present in most of the pools to play for the title in Pekin, they will now have to settle for fighting for positions ranging from fifth to eighth.

Argentina gave the first big bell of the tournament. Spain showed them the way on Sunday and showed that the men of sasha djordjevic they are collapsible and, two days later, the South Americans kicked them out of the competition in a display of strength, outside shooting and high-altitude basketball (97-87).

and this wednesday France He acted as the executioner of the current world and Olympic champion. The United States, who fell days before the World Cup against Australia and showed signs of fragility against Turkey in a game that they saved at the buzzer, was surpassed by France in an exercise of solidity and perseverance (79-89).

Apart from the fight for the medals, Serbia and the United States They will begin this Thursday in Dongguan their fight for fifth to eighth places in a confrontation between the two that many expected to see in the grand final in Beijing.

While -once their exploits have been completed and the direct classification for the Tokyo Olympics has been confirmed- French and Argentineans will face each other in one of the semifinals of the tournament, from which the first finalist will emerge.

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