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Lucas Zurita: The team is still growing

The Jetsons DT directs the club for the second time and projects it to the postseason

The margin of games won and lost that Supersónicos de Miranda has in the Professional Basketball Super League (SPB), does not represent how they have really looked on the court, since the cohesion of their Venezuelans and imported could, with more luck, put them in the playoffs of this tournament.

“This is a very new team that is still growing, we are in full construction. We have come from less to more, it has cost us with powerful rivals, but this is long and we need to continue working, ”he declared to Líder en Deportes, the currency coach, the Argentine Lucas Zurita.

Defending is his philosophy

“I like that my teams defend better, but I feel that we are not doing it and for that I need time to work. Now we have many games in a few days and next week off I will have the opportunity to continue correcting”, explained the coach who has the club with a record of 3 and 5.

pleased to return

“This is my second experience in Venezuela, I was already in the Super League with the team when they played in the Margarita bubble. I feel happy, they treat me super well, the country received me wonderfully. There are many people from other teams who have greeted me and the truth is that I feel very comfortable here”, he confessed.

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level basketball

“I think this league is going to grow a lot. This Professional Super League with up to 4 imported players is no less than many of the leagues that were imported there before. All the players of the Venezuelan national team are active here, who have even played in Europe, there are many good foreigners in the organizations and that gives the tournament a high level. Although it is the first season, we know that over time they will correct the details, although it seems to me that they are going very well, ”he applauded.

future of the team

“Of the young people we have, I must highlight Yeferson Guerra, who is 19 years old, and Wilklerman Gómez, who is 20 years old, who are boys with their first professional experience. They are not used to playing at this level, but we certainly bet on their development », he aspires.

fan's endorsement

“I am very happy for the support. Sometimes we can't give them the wins that they would like, but with time I think that will be possible”, he pointed out.

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