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Greivis Vásquez, in search of the "miracle" that prevents his final withdrawal

Seriously injured in an ankle, he has been out of the courts as a player for three years, although he has not yet officially retired; For this reason, the Venezuelan point guard Greivis Vásquez is looking for a "miracle" that avoids that moment and, meanwhile, learns in his new role as coach.

In an interview with Efe in Montevideo on the occasion of his presence at the NBA G-League International Challenge Uruguay, Vásquez is excited about his current stage as a technical assistant at the Erie BayHawks, a G-League team affiliated with the New Orleans Pelicans , from the NBA.

"I'm not giving up yet, but I want to be around basketball. I think that this opportunity as a coach helps you to nurture yourself, to acquire knowledge, to continue learning”, comments Vásquez, who, at 32 years old, went through six teams in the seven seasons he faced in the NBA.

The former player in the Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Hornets, Sacramento Kings, Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets says he will not give up and, therefore, will try in the near future to "see other doctors, walk better, be much better at the level of health” to aspire to fulfill the “miracle” of “at least playing one more year” and officially saying goodbye.

"From being a player to a coach, they are two completely different things and now I have the opportunity to work with the team" of the BayHakws, as Ryan Pannone's assistant, comments the Caracas native, who describes the situation as a "great experience."

Regarding the increasing number of foreign players joining the NBA, including Spanish and Latin American players, Vásquez affirms that "now the world dreams of reaching the NBA and that gives international basketball a boom."

“The World Cup was incredible. NBA players like Marc Gasol or Ricky Rubio... People talked about Argentina, they played in the NBA... For me, Facundo Campazzo is an NBA player, this year he proved it. God willing that we can see him soon in the NBA, that he represents us, because we love his game, a happy basketball », he expresses in relation to the recent Championship played in China and won by the Spanish team against Argentina.

Vásquez thinks that "it would be a dream" if one day Latin America had an NBA franchise and believes that "there is the road ahead" for the professional league, which is in the process of promoting a G-League team in Mexico.

“That helps basketball grow because when you leave the United States it is difficult to compete against soccer,” argues the point guard who triumphed at the University of Maryland and was later selected in the 2010 draft by the Memphis Grizzlies.

One of the teams in his professional career was the Toronto Raptors, the surprising champion of the ring in the 2018-2019 season. He arrived in Canada in the 2013-2014 campaign from the Sacramento Kings in a multiple change of players, from which, he says, "a winning culture" was made.

As they say, Rome was not built in a day. They weren't champions last year just because of Kawhi (Leonard). Kawhi is an important piece, one of the best, if not the best player on both ends of the floor, but he is a progressive work. That is why you have to give a lot of credit to the manager, Masai Ujiri, and to his staff because he won the championship », he says about the Canadian franchise.

Regarding the next season, Vásquez affirms that "the NBA promises", since "the league is very even". "Today nobody knows who will be the champion team until the NBA finals," he says.

In the opinion of the Venezuelan, the league "has been evenly matched", so it cannot be said outright that the Golden State Warriors will win. "I think the East should not be despised," he adds.

And, while observing from a distance what happens in the NBA, he considers that "nothing is impossible", so, with effort and recovery work, he insists that the goal is still to return "for at least a year" to the top competition. EFE

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