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Curry is inspired by David Ortiz's leadership

The Warriors base assured that the Dominican had weight in his sporting growth

Steph Curry, líder of the Golden State Warriors and a well-known Red Sox fan, acknowledged that he always appreciated the connection that Dominican David Ortiz had with the city of Boston.

In the preview of the sixth game of the NBA Finals, Curry stressed that Ortiz's example, had a bearing on his growth as a líder and he remembered the day he was able to meet the former Dominican baseball player.

“My brother Seth is a huge Yankee fan and I am a huge Red Sox fan. I always saw him (Ortiz), I really like his story, the iconic moments of his triumphs, the way in which he is an ambassador, a spokesman for the city, ”Curry said at a press conference.

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“I like the way they received him, the connection he had with this city,” he continued.

He also stressed that he met Ortiz personally at a party in 2011 and stopped to talk to him: "All of that counts, it was good and (Ortiz) had a very special career."

A triple World Series champion, Ortiz played for the Red Sox from 2003 to 2016.

"The hardest game"

Curry is in Boston with the Warriors with the opportunity to win his fourth championship title. NBA.

“For having reached this moment six times, we know what it is like, we can count on that experience. We know how we should go out on a physical level, we are prepared for the environment. But in the end you have to be focused in the moment. Your opportunity is played during those 48 minutes, ”he said.

"It will be the most difficult match, for what is at stake," he added.

In the same vein as Curry was Klay Thompson, who stated that closing a playoff series is the most complicated.

“It is very difficult to close a series. I know they will play desperately. For us it will require maximum effort, but we are ready to play our chance,” he said.

“I would like to have a great day and win the title. But it doesn't matter what we do individually, the important thing is to win one more match”, she concluded.


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