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Chris Paul: "This is going to hurt for a while"

Chris Paul, who at 36 years old closed his first NBA Finals with defeat, lamented on Tuesday that the Phoenix Suns' great season did not end with a ring for the Arizona franchise (USA).

"It's hard. This team is a great group. A huge season, but this is going to hurt for a while », he assured in the press conference after the match.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, with 50 points, shattered the illusions of the Suns (105-98), who lost the NBA Finals 4-2 at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks.

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The Suns led 0-2 in these Finals, but later fell in four consecutive games that left the title in Milwaukee (USA), the first for the Bucks since 1971.

Paul, with 26 points and 5 assists, was the main benchmark for the Suns, who suffered the worst performance and at the worst moment from Devin Booker (19 points, with 8 of 22 shooting, and 6 turnovers).

The point guard was sad for himself and for his teammates, but insisted that this disappointment will only lead him to try the assault on the title with even more force in the future.

“For me it just means going back to work. Go back to work. Nothing more, nothing less. There are no moral victories," she explained.

«I am not going to retire, if that is what you are asking me. That is ruled out. So back to work », she pointed out.

For his part, Devin Booker described the atmosphere in the Suns' locker room: "Quiet. Just a lot of emotion. It's been a long season, we've been through a lot."

“We are an emotional group. We have fought hard, we have trained hard, we have had a lot of fun together, we have trusted each other, we have loved each other and we have said it all the time. We had a common goal of bringing a championship to Phoenix and it's hard not to achieve that," he said.

Founded in 1968, the Suns do not have an NBA title and are the oldest franchise that has never achieved a championship.

Booker, 24, with one of the most promising prospects in the league, noted that these Suns, who were the second-best team in the regular season, have laid a foundation for the future.

"Experience is the best teacher," said the shooting guard, who encouraged his teammates to keep "the pain" they have today to use it as "fuel" to improve next season.

Booker will have a much shorter summer than his peers, as he travels to Tokyo tomorrow to join the US team at the Olympics.


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