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Broncos put an end to the undefeated Trotamundos

Leonardo Palacios and Garly Sojo combined to score 29 points and dish out 11 assists

The Broncos de Caracas team took away the undefeated Trotamundos de Carabobo this Saturday, after winning an electrifying match (75 to 71) that required extra time.

The support of a great crowd, which filled the José Joaquín Papá Carrillo Gymnasium in Parque Miranda, dropped, the capital's cast went "all train" to the court and won the first two sets to go to rest with an advantage of 12 points .

In the third quarter, Manuel Berroterán's troops also managed to win by three points (13-9).

Although it seemed like an easy victory for Broncos, the "blue express" woke up from lethargy and removed 20 points from the deficit. At times, the intensity of the engagement caused the technicians to exchange various "friendly" words.

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Thanks to a 7-23 close, Néstor Salazar's quintet took the action into overtime.

However, the Broncos finally managed to close out the game (13-9) to put their record at 8-4 and defeat one of the big favorites to win the title. Professional Basketball Super League (SPB).

Leonardo Palacios and Garly Sojo, the Broncos' standout players, combined for 29 points and 11 assists.

“We are an excellent and seasoned group. Basketball rewards you if you do things well. We remain focused and in the race because there is still a lot of SPB left," Sojo told Your TV after completion of the engagement.

For the second time in the campaign, Broncos took away the unbeaten record from a rival, since in May they did the same against Guaiqueríes de Margarita.


  1. TODAY IS MONDAY, AUGUST 8, I had to edit this publication, since it is uphill sometimes, post in the group, due to the delay in appearing the publications AND MY WANTS TO RESPOND TO OTHER POSTS, lead me to this

    The theme has to do with the victory on Friday and the defeat on Saturday, in my view of things and with the best of intentions, regardless of whether I am a fan of prehistory, accustomed to better basketball, as a good purist, and as someone said, whoever has more, is always asked for more...

    AS USUAL. . a team that by gusts, is what every fan wants... however, they end up playing whatever comes out, and they win on Friday, not on their own merit, but because the opposing team played worse
    and Saturday's game, is the x-ray, of what we have been saying, when facing a better club, surely the calving would be greater, coupled with injuries and absences, because the defeat was predictable,

    It is no secret to anyone, it was a great game, for a moment, the claw of the past was seen, when in that room, defense, intensity, the fundamentals were applied and the averages increased, result, he was beaten by 20 points that fourth, or to put it another way, TROTAMUNDO CAME FROM BEHIND, COME UP, STEP FORWARD, but time was not enough…and of course, the effort took its toll
    Without detracting from BRONCOS, corduroy, it was a painful defeat, and suffered, but the taste remains, that if you can be that GREAT TEAM, of which everyone talks, but with your feet on the ground,

    PS: the fact that I do not publish what others like to read does not mean that I am against the club, to which I dedicate my time to write and follow its adventures, or as the crooks tell me, INFILTRATED, even, a HATER for Ali offered me some shots…haha Jose Humberto de Gouveia
    I will always write and highlight the good and of course the bad, but without fear of liking everyone,

    Globetrotters has room for maneuver to IMPROVE, it's a GREAT TEAM, if they play like what was seen in that last quarter of Saturday, of course, you don't have to wait until the last moment, and then do the math, what's coming is strong... and soon it will be plus-

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