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“Kako”: We have a very humble team

The Gladiators DT confesses that he has important pieces, but that they know their role

Gladiadores de Anzoátegui was armed this year for great things in the first season of the Professional Basketball Super League (SPB), although they recognize that the road is long to reach the objectives, as their coach Nelson "Kako" Solórzano considers it.

“It has been a positive season. We are focused on a goal, although we know that the season is long, and we have to work well in all the games, respecting basketball and each one of the teams”, he told Líder en Deportes.

constant tuning

We are going to continue improving because we have details to correct when we want to play one on one, we also have a good three-point shooters and if we pass the ball well, we will get open players who make the shots””, explained the strategist of the líderis from group B in the Eastern Conference, with a record of 8 and 1.

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Value to substitutes

“Having experienced pieces like Gregory Vargas and Michael Carrera doesn't represent an advantage, rather you have to give credit to the players on the bench who maintain the level of play when they leave the court. They are the líderIt belongs to the team, but they understand their work and that is certainly a plus, but we are a team of 12 who are in uniform”, he clarified.

Happy return to the East

“I had not directed in Puerto La Cruz for more than 15 years, since 2006, and the reception has been pleasant, I have many memories there, I feel comfortable and we hope to do a great job for the fans of Oriente. This is starting. We have a lot of games on the road. We need you to support us, we have a very humble team, ”said the Portland Hero.

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