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Guaiqueríes sign victory in eastern duel

Francisco Centeno was the best of the game after signing 19 points and 8 rebounds on the court

Margarita guaiqueríes He imposed his law at home against Marinos de Anzoátegui, with a final score of 97-94.

The match began with both teams trying to dominate the field, they used baskets from part and part but it was Marinos who took the lead in the first quarter with an offense led by Yeison Yan and Geisler Acosta leading his team to partial victory 27- 24.

For the second quarter, the tribe would go up on the scoreboard thanks to the offensive awakening

of his imports Tanksley Efianayi and Tre Mclean with their medium and long range shots,

in the company of captain Francisco Centeno, who would contribute important baskets for

go to rest winning.

In the second half, the match was fairly even and Marinos began the attack with a couple of baskets in a row, which would allow them to go up to dominate the score.

Tribe captain Francisco Centeno led the island offense along with Justin Satchell and the seesaw between the two teams continued, finishing the fourth tied at 70.

By the end of the game, the defense was the protagonist for both squads, only 10 points would be scored in the entire period.

Efianayi launched from medium distance and missed, leaving possession for the Anzoátegui team in the hands of Simon, who missed a two-point shot with only 5 seconds left, leaving the score tied 80-80, forcing overtime.

During extra time the foreigner Tre Mclean took the lead with his long-range shots.

Accompanied by Evert Bernal who contributed a couple of shots behind the line of three, leading his team to victory.

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Francisco Centeno finished as the best player in the game scoring 19 points, 1 assist and 8 rebounds.

Justin Satchell with 17 points, 1 assist and 6 rebounds, Tre Mclean finished with 16 points, 1 assist and 8 rebounds.

The tribe receives the Anzoatiguense team at home this Wednesday at the Guaiqueríes Arena in La Asunción

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