Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Giants of Guyana gave forfait in the PNU

There is still no official information on the reasons for this failure to appear

The 2023 postseason of the Professional Basketball Super League did not start well for some teams. This Thursday, Gigantes de Guayana lost the first game of the round of XNUMX series to Cocodrilos de Caracas via the ski pass.

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The meeting was scheduled for seven o'clock at night in the United Nations Park.

This was the first commitment of this round of XNUMX key and due to the non-appearance of the Guyanese team, the Saurio team went ahead in the series.

Until now there is no official information from Gigantes de Guayana explaining the reasons that led their players not to appear on the court. Likewise, the SPB has not ruled either.

The second game of this series is scheduled for this Friday, May 26 at the PNU.


  1. Surely the owners of the team do not want to pay the imported ones, teams that have and and and what businessmen and what are some corrupt bachaquerros, the national anti-corruption police should fall for them

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