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Ball in the air in SPB 2023

The tournament, which now looks more even, raises the curtain with the opening duel in Valencia

The second edition of the Professional Basketball Super League (SPB) starts this afternoon when Trotamundos de Carabobo, defending champion, receives Centauros de Portuguesa at 4:30 pm in the only match that opens the calendar.

This tournament will be played in 16 cities with the same team quota that was announced in 2022, but this time there will be several novelties. The first and perhaps the most important is that the organizations could be reinforced with 5 foreigners (only three on the field).

The 2023 version will also have a fair distribution of elite players that will allow for more balance. Said list of players that are part of the national team is maintained for this campaign.

Another aspect that is still standing this season is the format. The clubs will be in two Conferences (Eastern and Western) with four divisions, but with the caveat that they will be able, for the first time, to qualify up to 16 teams to the round of XNUMX phase.

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In the postseason, the selection of reinforcements via draft will be implemented, both in the round of XNUMX and in the quarterfinals, in which Venezuelans and foreigners will be eligible in order to guarantee highly competitive playoffs.

honors to the monarch

This year the champions of each edition will begin to be honored with the delivery of their rings, to reward the efforts of the teams that sometimes with their own management manage to have the best pieces to offer the best show.

The "Blue Express" will be the first club recognized as the pioneer of titles in the SPB, although the 10 scepters achieved in both the Special League and the Professional League are also included to be today, together with Marinos de Anzoátegui, the most winners in the country.

Assistance and ticket office

The SPB applauds that the visit to the different gyms in 2022 was around 2 to 3 thousand fans per match, a figure that they aspire to raise for this year, so the value of the tickets will have a minimum cost of $2 depending on the team and their available locations.

Precisely the venues are almost completely ready, with the exception of some entities in which certain details are still being refined.

maximum diffusion

Like last year, there will once again be extensive coverage of the tournament. The commissioned television stations will be, by subscription, Simple TV, while by open signal Meridiano TV, Televen and they are talking with Venevisión as well as the nationwide circuit of YVKE Mundial.

Digital platforms such as streaming of the league and that of each currency will be added. It also transpired that the SPB seeks an agreement to have its own application for smartphones.

International tournaments

The champion and runner-up of the SPB 2023 have already secured their place in international events, which they have not attended since 2019 with Guaros de Lara, but before returning they must have sponsors that support the necessary expenses after a long season in Venezuela

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