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A renewed "Cauldron of the Devil" returns to the scene

After an arduous restoration work, the Luis Ramos Gymnasium will once again vibrate with basketball

The temperatures typical of the east and the intensity with which their yesterdays were lived turned the Luis Ramos gym into the "Devil's Caldera", an area steeped in history that leaves a mark on all those who know it.

On June 30, this mythical scenario will be the home of Venezuela for the third qualifying window for the 2023 FIBA ​​World Cup. The national basketball team will receive the teams of Argentina and Paraguay to try to preserve the undefeated (4-0) that keeps them as líderHe is from Group A.

They will be local for the first time in two years and will do so in the cradle of Anzoatiguense basketball, where from the third week of January Gladiators of Anzoátegui and the state government have waged a battle against laziness.

The purpose? To return to give great moments to Anzoatiguense basketball fans.


Next week's appointments will be the first litmus test for the "Devil's Cauldron", whose renovation was an immense challenge.

"The recovery of the Caldera has been hard work," said the general manager of Gladiadores, José Barberi.

“When we arrived the plank was about 10 or 15 centimeters under the water because the pumps had been vandalized. There was no electricity because they took the cables and damaged the transformers… It was completely deteriorated, ”he recalled.

Like many other sports venues in the country, the "Cauldron of the Devil" was hit by the inactivity that settled with the arrival of the pandemic in 2020.

But although his buildings disappeared and at times he stopped looking impressive, his glories were always latent. That and the success of the first two campaigns of the Basketball Super League prompted his recovery.

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Gladiators, one of the many franchises that have been born from the long-awaited evolution of basketball, insisted on making the “Devil's Cauldron” their home. They insisted on having it ready for when the bubble format could be put aside and they have not stopped working towards that goal.

What did you do?

“The first thing that was done was the total lifting of the plank, approximately 60% of the sleepers or tables where the plank rests were changed and a new pump system was installed that can pass under the gym,” Barberi said.

"The plank is completely new," added the manager.

"(In addition) the halogen lamps with which they had worked for about 25 years were changed and we installed an LED lighting system," he specified.

Among the other changes that were made in the "Caldera" also stand out:

  • Restoration of the bathrooms
  • Restoration of the subscriber area
  • Remodeling of the dressing rooms and the press room
  • Corridor Repair
  • And ornamentation work on the entire facade

Although the change is evident and promising, Barberi emphasized that there are still things to be done and that the work does not stop.

At the height of commitment

The recovery of the "Cauldron of the Devil" was applauded by the Venezuelan Basketball Federation (FVB) and for this reason, at the end of April, it was granted the venue for the third qualifying window for the World Cup.

"This is a historic event, it will be the first time that the national team plays an official match here (in Anzoátegui)," President Hanthony Coello commented at the time.

At that time it seemed like a distant date, there were still things to do, but there were never any doubts. Confidence was full and the results were optimal.

Earlier this week the national basketball team arrived in Anzoátegui to begin their preparation and test the new Caldera. So far the mythical stage has not disappointed.

“La Caldera is in very good condition, at the level of an international tournament. It gives me great joy to see her dazzling again,” said forward Edgar “Petare” Martínez, a member of the national team.

“When I entered for the first time I felt in another world, from the entrance of the dressing rooms to the court, everything is in the best conditions. It makes me proud to see the house that saw me born completely renovated, ”she concluded.

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