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Nick Nurse focused on making it big with 76ers

The strategist is confident of advancing to the NBA finals with the squad he has

The Philadelphia 76ers formally introduced Nick Nurse as their new coach for the 2023-24 NBA season, this with the aim of fighting for the championship title.

In his statements to the press, the coach acknowledged that his performance will be judged by the team's performance in the postseason and by whether he manages to reach the ring.

“You have to assume it: we are going to be evaluated by how we play in the playoffs. The same thing happened in Toronto. So I imagine from day one we're going to talk about it and we're going to focus on that. We have to face it and we have to raise the level,” he expressed.

Likewise, the Philadelphia 76ers strategist considered that they have a great squad, so he will seek to remove weight from the setbacks they suffered last season.

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“The first thing I thought about this team is that it could very well be preparing to play a Finals game tonight. As for what has happened, I am not going to let the past affect us, ”Nurse explained..

“Since we have the opportunity to get to work, the only thing we are going to focus on is what we want to achieve. What has happened in recent years does not matter to me, ”she concluded.

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