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Battle of the Titans! Celtics forced the 7th

Tatum and Antetokounmpo will define who stays out of the Conference finals this Sunday

Jayson Tatum, forward of the Boston Celtics, assured this Friday that he is eager to play the NBA Conference finals in the seventh game against the Milwaukee Bucks, because "now it's about winning or dying", after leading with 46 points to his team in the 108-95 win at the Fiserv Forum.

“There will be the best atmosphere in the NBA, I am really looking forward to it. We gave ourselves a chance and now it's about winning or dying," Tatum said at a press conference at the end of the Milwaukee game.

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Tatum, with his 46 points, tied Paul Pierce for the second-best performance by a Celtics player in a game where only winning was enough to avoid elimination.

“I knew what I was doing offensively and, with only a few minutes left to play (in the fourth period), it was time to leave nothing. I was not going to leave with any regrets and I did what I had to », he affirmed when reviewing his eleven points scored in a row to frustrate the Bucks' comeback attempt.

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He did not hesitate to point out that Milwaukee has a great team, in which the players and the coach complement each other excellently, but he considered that the Celtics are ready to seal the ticket for the Eastern finals.

He also recognized that the defeat suffered in the fifth game, when his team squandered a fourteen-point lead in the fourth period, served to increase competitiveness in Friday's clash.

“The fifth match was on my mind. We felt that they beat us on split balls, that they were harder than us. They couldn't beat us on a determination level. We gave everything », she assured.

«Losing in that way is hard, we all had bad feelings. But we were not defeated. We came here believing we could win and I think we've proven it," he added.


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