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Curry: We can't let this opportunity pass us by

The Warriors star is confident that his team will do what is necessary to win the title again

After two years of oblivion, the Golden State Warriors have returned to the playoffs and they don't plan to waste the opportunity. The goal is to lift the title. Stephen Curry made it very clear this Friday.

"After two seasons without the playoffs and with a team that has changed a lot, there is more gratitude for getting here, but also more urgency," Curry said.

“We cannot let this opportunity pass us by,” he added.

Much has happened since the finals, they played in 2019 against the Toronto Raptors, returning to the Conference Finals is something truly special for all the players.

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"Who knows how things will turn out, but I'm enjoying every second of this new experience, and I know Klay and Draymond are too, because we haven't played this big in two years," Curry recalled.

"We trust that our experience will help us to do what we have to do to win the games that still lie ahead," concluded the star.

In the final against Dalla's Mavericks, Steven Kerr's men lead 1-0.

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