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Curry: "There is a need for him to be aggressive"

The Golden State base seeks to expand his track record for this season

Stephen Curry was the most outstanding figure in the victory for the Golden State Warriors against the Boston Celtics, the point guard contributed 29 points for his franchise and tied the final series of the NBA.

“There is always a need for him to be aggressive, to try to make plays and score. Understand how the defense is going to defend me and defend us as a team and be able to counter it », he explained to the media after the match.

"I guess if you compare it to years past with the depth of power scorers like Durant and Thompson, obviously it's a little different," the basketball player added.

The third quarter was the best moment for Curry, who scored 14 points of the 29 he averaged on Sunday. For his good performance, other players praised the three-time NBA champion.

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"I try to be under control, serene, watch the game, feel the movement and the rhythm and know where I can find my places," he said about a balance that he related to his already long experience.

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