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CJ McCollum extended contract with Pelicans

The player received two more years of contract for 64 million dollars and will continue until 2026

The New Orleans Pelicans announced the closing of a contract extension for two years and 64 million dollars with CJ McCollum, who will remain with the franchise until 2026.

The player's contract in the NBA ended in 2024, so the franchise decided to secure one of its main figures to continue betting on the title of champion.

David Griffin, the team's general manager, recently expressed how excited he was by the amount of talent the team had this season. However, he stressed that there was still a long way to go to improve in the current squad.

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This latest move brings McCollum's contract in line with those of Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram for the next three seasons.

Recall that the figure had a great impact on the Pelicans after his arrival from the Portland Trail Blazers last February. The shooting guard was key for the team to reach the play-in tournament and finally make it to the playoffs.

The player averaged 24,3 points in the 26 games he played with them.

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