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Celtics offer Brown for Kevin Durant

The Massachusetts franchise to one of the best players in the NBA

According to sources close to The Athletic, the Boston Celtics would have offered Jaylen Brown as the main bargaining chip to undertake the transfer of Kevin Durant.

La Massachusetts franchise He doesn't want to miss the opportunity to get one of the best players in the current NBA and, in addition to Brown, they would have put point guard Derrick White on the table and a future first round in the Draft.

However, said offer would have already been rejected by the Net´s offices, who in addition to Brown and White, would claim Marcus Smart in the operation, who was crowned the Best Defensive Player of the 2022 season.

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The Nets have had plenty of headaches during this free agency. First, it was the negotiation with Kyrie Irving and a long-term contract that never came; then came Kevin Durant and his alleged dissatisfaction with the treatment of his partner; and there is also the uncertain future of Ben Simmons, who has not yet been able to debut due to problems with his back.

Irving is on the market and has sounded strong to end up wearing the Lakers jersey; Durant has received strong interest from the Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat and now the Celtics, who are willing to part with enough assets to land him. How will summer end in Brooklyn?

Durant has great tour

Durant, 33, came into the competition with the 2nd pick in the 2007 Draft, being chosen by the extinct Seattle Supersonics.

Among his many awards, two NBA champion rings stand out; two Finals MVPs; Regular Season MVP in 2014; 12 times selected to play the All-Star; two All-Star MVPs: 6 times selected in the NBA Best Five and four times in the Second Best Five; and with the USA team he has won three consecutive Olympic golds and the 2010 World Cup held in Turkey.

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