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Bucks does not stop and continues to reap triumphs

Milwaukee is the only team that has remained undefeated this season.

Reserving their star Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 108-94 on Saturday and remain the only undefeated team this NBA season with nine games played.

The Bucks, who had beaten the Minnesota Timberwolves a day earlier, rested Antetokounmpo due to his left knee discomfort and the lack of strength of the rival.

In this way, the Milwaukee franchise has had the best start to the season in 2022 than in its entire history in the league.

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At first the duel was quite even, thus closing the first quarter 34-34, but given the idea of ​​continuing to extend the good streak, the locals kept their claw but at the same time worked to make the rival uncomfortable.

With the highest number of steals and blocks, the coached by Mike Budenholzer managed to stay up on the scoreboard by 67-53 in the second quarter.

At the resumption of the match, both quintets were even, Oklahoma did not give up, their intentions on the court were clear, to level the match, however, the rival did not allow it, thus closing the third stage 93-78.

The physical wear and tear of both squads was shown, this was the poorest episode of both quintets in terms of points, since each one registered a little more than a dozen. In this way Buck stayed with the victory after a 108-94.


The Thunder centers, who have a balance of 4-5, could not do anything in the paint against the dominance of Brook López, who finished with 25 points, and Bobby Portis, who had 12 points and 21 rebounds.

For the rest of the day:

  • Magic 123-126 Kings
  • Hornets 94-98 Nets
  • Hawks 124-121 Pelicans
  • Timberwolves 129-117 Rockets
  • Knicks 118-133 Celtics
  • Nuggets 126-101 Spurs
  • Suns 102-82 Trail Blazers


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