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Antetokounmpo forceful against Portland

The Greek was the spark plug for the Bucks who tied up their rival

The Greek was a real beast for the Blazers who saw him score up to 37 points to lead Milwaukee to a 119-111 victory.

During the first 24 minutes there was maximum equality; so much so that halftime was reached with only two points in favor of the Bucks.

Everything changed after passing through changing rooms. Mike Budenholzer's boys stepped on the accelerator and managed a 14-point lead to start the final period.

 The Portland team wanted to react, but it was impossible.

Giannis was very successful with 16 of 24 shooting from the field to which he added seven rebounds and six assists, but if there is something that is making the Bucks breathe, it is the return of Jrue Holiday.

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In his second game after overcoming the injury, the point guard scored 17 points, up to 13 of them in the last quarter to close the game. He also concluded his performance with 17 points Grayson Allen

After the match, the Wisconsin head coach highlighted the good work of his team as a whole. "Everyone made the right pass.

If you don't make the right pass, if you hold it too long, they can ruin the play for you through all those things they try to provoke on defense."

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