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Heissler found redemption in Colombia

Fully recovered from his injuries, the "Sastre" revolutionized the bubble in Cali

Last November, an injury to his right leg took Heissler Guillent, who disputed the SLB Cup with Guaiqueríes de Margarita. The point guard reappeared in the last days of the competition and raised the title. But in reality he had to wait more than five months to live a championship in full conditions.

The triumph with Guaiqueríes was special. But the famous "Tailor" was not fully recovered and he did not have the opportunity to show all that he is capable of.

Heissler prepared himself with discipline to rediscover his best version and arrived in Colombia to show that his skills are intact. He joined Titanes de Barranquilla and quickly became the spark plug that led them to the title.

A glory that he was able to enjoy and star in from start to finish.

“When you go through injuries or difficulties and life gives you the opportunity to return, being in full condition you have to make the most of it. There were times when you didn't feel that way, now you have to make an effort and give 100%," said the 35-year-old from Caracas.

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“That's why this was a great experience, I took full advantage of it. I arrived without much game rhythm, but I got into shape quickly and it was easy for me to adapt. They were two intense months that left me with many positive things”, added Heissler, finally MVP of the season.

Of course, playing with what was always "the team to beat" increased the commitment of the Venezuelan. He knew that the responsibility was enormous and that is why he traveled to Colombia two weeks before to get in tune and live up to the commitment.

“Playing in an organization like the Titanes, which had already been the champions in recent years, made me give something extra... The team wanted to win the championship and was armed for it. I just did my part, ”he considered.

Now refreshed and inspired, Heissler is ready to go for more.

And what is coming is the third window of the 2023 World Cup Qualifiers, in which Venezuela will face Argentina on June 30 in the "Caldera del Diablo". His commitment is intact and his humanity more active than ever.

“I am focused on being a better athlete and a better person every day, every day I work to be a little better than the day before. I remain motivated to do my best,” she concluded.

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