Thursday, September 28, 2023


Victor Boccone

The end of Miguel Cabrera in the MLB has arrived

The best Venezuelan baseball player in history lives his last week as a professional player

Acuña is moving steadily towards the National League MVP

The Venezuelan has had a dream season with the Braves

José Altuve does not slow down with the wood

Since August 10, he has averaged .338 with 20 extra-base hits and 24 RBIs.

Arráez looks comfortable with the wood

He is firmly on his way to the batting title and will be the fourth of the Marlins with 200 hits in a season

Matt Olson is the power man in the Braves

The first baseman is having a dream campaign with 50 home runs and is one away from the franchise record

López is the best Venezuelan pitcher today

With 213 strikeouts he is the 8th Venezuelan with a harvest of two hundreds of strikeouts

Suárez reached another round figure in his career

3B is the 10th Venezuelan to combine 200 home runs and 200 doubles in the Major Leagues

Ezequiel Tovar puts weight numbers as a rookie

He is one extra-base hit from 50 and being the 3rd Venezuelan to achieve it for his 1st season in GL

Luis Arráez takes off in fight for new title

El líder bat has average of .356 and took 21 points from Freddie Freeman

Arcia entered the Atlanta books hard

With his 16th home run, the Braves hit 250 HR, a club high for the season.

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